Aumra's TVO Policy
"At most companies, sales agents are accustomed to thinking about value in terms of the customer's total cost of ownership, or TCO, which includes the cost of the purchase and any expenses associated with using it; then they compare that to the potential savings. But this third part of the VAP (Value Account Plan) is built to determine the TVO- the Total Value of Ownership. TVO is an estimate of all the benefits the customer stands to gain as well as what he might lose if he chooses to go another way. In industries where innovation is occurring rapidly customers who buy strictly on price, not total value, are at a competitive disadvantage and will fall behind."
- Ram Charan,
One of the most renowned Management
Consultants in the world.
Aumra Group has adopted the above TVO (Total Value of Ownership) policy, or rather a philosophy, in the marketing and delivery of its services. We look at the whole value chain of our customers, across its entire spectrum, and bring such integrated solutions that are designed to boost their revenue. Our Sales and Marketing methodologies are largely based on the business acumen and common sense approach in translating the physical benefits into financial language or numbers. This is what we say "a 360-degree Balance Sheet view" in providing "transforming solutions, delivering at your bottom-line."
To achieve this, we thoroughly study and gain deeper knowledge of our customer's company, strategy, costs, values, needs as well as problems etc., and help them to improve margins and drive revenue growth. Our envisioned focus will always be to become a trusted partner to our customers by providing them creative and cost-effective solutions.
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