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We planned to built in our land for our children. We decided to built three stroy and we are giving our plan. Now a days all the prizes are so high. Our building Estimation comes approximate Rs. Seventy Lakhs. We seek help from the well wishers. We have Tax exemption. The Details is given here.
Donations are Exempted U/S 80G(5) (VI).
Also we have volunteers from Holland. Some of them come through "AMAIDI" organisation, some of them come direct. Then they stay here for a couple of months to help us. They bring Toys, Education play things. They teach computer educational games. Also they take us for swimming,tour to Mamalapuram. Our Thanks go to Sonia, Hans, Anamika, Merral, Mariana, Floris and Others who all came to JWALA.
Also we are giving the format of Bank. If you like to Donate us in Euros you can use the format. With help of you we can built our HOME.
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Our site plans are
Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor
Our construction work
Recent Update
We request good Samaritans to offer donations for our proposed building at Murungapakkam, Puducherry.
Donations are Exempted U/S 80G(5) (VI).
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